Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Water and Lizards

Here are some tips on Water conservation, being as there is a shortage of water. It will also save on your water bills

  • don't leave the tap running when you clean your teeth

  • take showers, not baths, and fix dripping taps -share a shower.

  • buy water-efficient household appliances

  • only fill the kettle and saucepans up with the water you need

  • only wash full loads in your washing machine or set machine to half load

  • fit a water-efficient toilet -did you know if you press the flush a second time it stops it flushing.

  • only water your plants when necessary and use a watering can

  • collect rain water to water your plants

  • wash your car with a bucket, not a hosepipe


Traditional food in Spain -- This is a really nice one, Roasted Lizards, apparently they used to eat them cooked in tomato, with spot of garlic and parsley, meant to be delicious. rather like the texture of chicken, and the taste of herbs. the lizard that was eaten was the Oscillated Lizard which now is a protected species so unfortunately it is a traditional food that can´t be tried.

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