Saturday, August 01, 2015


Well readers its been a long time since we posted, so much has been going on in our lives that some things, sadly, had to be put on the back burner

Anyone who has read our posting will know we have had an interesting time here in Spain, we moved here at the end of 2004. So at the end of this year it will be eleven years of viva espaƱa! We are both now retired, now that gets you thinking believe me! We have decided that we have to have at least one more adventure. With this in mind we intend to buy a narrow boat and explore the waterways of UK. Ok OK I know its not exactly a trip up the amazon but we have always loved the canals in UK, we also worked on the canals on france, belgium and the Netherlands for a season. So what this means is that we are selling our house here in sunny Spain. Its will be a wrench as we love the place. Now I think we might well be blogging out adventures, looking for a boat then sailing, or rather chugging into the sunset. Anything could happen so watch this space.

If anyone is interesting in buying our house, and lets face now is the time with the exchange rate being what it is, contact us via the blog and we will put you in touch with our estate agent.
so as I said Watch this space cos its not goodbye its......

                                            HASTA LA VISTA

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