Monday, May 07, 2012

The Golden Oriole

The weather is really hotting up now with high 30s forecast  for next weekend. The pool is lovely now, so morning swimming is now on the agenda. This morning I was having a coffee on the terrace after a swim when I had the fluting whistle of bird song that had tantalised us yesterday during lunch. I was delighted seconds later to see a Golden Oriole fly into the top of the pine tree in front of me. The Golden Oriole is Blackbird-sized, the male has an unmistakable and beautiful bright yellow body with black wings. It is a secretive bird which keeps to the high tree canopy. Its has a wonderful musical and   distinctive fluting whistle. It flies rather like a thrush - slightly undulating, John was pretty sure he saw one last year and it was in just the same place as my sighting so he was undoubtedly correct. Got a feeling Rebecca may be camping out at the bottom of the garden as shes very eager to have a sighting herself.

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