Sunday, January 02, 2011

Animal aid and the lemon tree

We picked up our good friend Lil this morning and had a trip to the Animal Aid charity sale at Churchills bar in San Luis, had a good browse and found some more new reading matter and some handy bits and pieces, among which were 2 unusual flute shaped champagne glasses with no stem and with MM etched on them, then we headed up to the Lemon Tree Market, this market is always very busy now but we arrived just after 10:00 so the masses had not arrived, we got tempted to a full English breakfast again,always good value for €3.50 including coffee and it was very pleasant sitting in the warm sunshine, then purchased one or two bargains like 2 litres of Brandy €7.30, 12 pairs of socks €3.
The fruit and vegetables are good as well, 4 lettuces €1, three cabbages €1, cauli and broccoli, 2 heads for €1, there was not much variety of local fruit this week probably because of the holidays, but we have been getting grapes at 0.80 cents a kilo.

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