Sunday, November 23, 2008

Short back and sides

The days are so much shorter now we really try to make the most of the sunny afternoons. Its this time of year that makes you appreciate living here, Still plenty of warmth in the sun, though the early mornings and evening can have a bit of a chill. Its not winter or even Autumn as we knew it back in UK though. One thing that does always happen around now is the trees in the towns get what we call one of there regular hair cuts. We have yet to discover where the tradition for the shape comes from, but to keep it they need a few cuts during the year. So last week the cherry picker appeared around the corner from us and what seemed like a large number of workmen arrived to do the job. There were numerous breaks for refreshments and discussion before they achieved the desired results. Meanwhile most plants do not seem to take a break for winter and continue to grow here. We are planting some spring bulbs this year as are our neighbors and look forward to seeing them bloom next year. It really makes a big difference to an area when people take the time and trouble to garden. Its not just our own efforts we enjoy but the show that the others put on too,and at least at this time of year we do not have to water the containers quite as often. When you have going on for a hundred pots it can be quite job.

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