Wednesday, September 17, 2008

That Was The Week That Was

Well things have been shall we say a little different this last week. The municipal pool closed on Sunday the Plaza Bar has been open but very subdued this week and closes at the weekend. Normal end of summer routine stuff, what happen last Tuesday was far from that. A long story to which we are still in the dark re the outcome and indeed cause. Let’s just say gunshots, men on roofs, special-forces police armed and wearing Ski masks all played a part. We are hoping some absent owner’s agents take better references in future!
We had our community meeting on the Thursday, well attended and lots of issues dealt with. Agreement to take action on non payers being one. Interesting and a little alarming to hear from our administrator of apartments being lived in without owner’s knowledge, squatters I suppose you could say. They have dealt with three such cases in this area alone. Yesterday there was a fire in a house in Benijofar; word is it was started by someone who was robbing the property.
It is unusual to hear of so much criminal activity but we tend to get complacent I think. Just glad we have some good neighbours and that most of us watch out for one another.

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