Saturday, May 31, 2008

Soon to be open?

Notice the cat waiting patiently by the steps in the middle of the picture
The swimming pool has as yet has had no attention, apart from the astroturf being installed, hopefully in the next week they will drain it off and clean out the debris then fill it up with fresh water, last year after they had filled it the ayuntamiento workers had to drain it off again as they found pipe leaks.
One or two people are still saying that the pool was described by the builder as a community pool and they are not paying any community fees untill they get a key, If it was a community pool(and its not) i´m sure they would not want to pay their share of the care and maintenance for it. New municipal pool direction signs are now in place at theend of Avenida Los Palacios and at the Square, No sign yet of the Bar in the la Zenia Square, Its Formentera fiesta in honour of Purisima Concepcion,this weekend so after this is finished the bar will probably open.

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