Thursday, November 29, 2007

AngloINFO Information websites

There are many reasons why people move to other countries. It can be for reasons of work or lifestyle it can be for a few weeks or months, several years or for ever. The thing that applies to most of us when we move to another country are that many things are different and new. The new culture and environment can make it hard to find essential services, key facts and community contact. AngloINFO is a web site is there to help with the information and interaction you need. On the AngloINFO web site there is
The AngloFILE which is a comprehensive directory, listing thousands of registered businesses and organisations offering goods and services that are in your local region.
The AngloINFO Forum which is the International Community's meeting-place and marketplace you can join in with the lively online discussions, and you can also post free private classified ads.
INFOrmation Pages which provide an online local encyclopaedia covering thousands of topics and are full of the up to date facts you need to survive in another country.
AngloINFO is currently delivering 37 locally focused websites across Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

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