Monday, October 29, 2007

New Centro Commercial near Rojales

This is the area of land where the centro commercial is to be built

A new commercial centre is being built on the CV-940 road that links Benijofar and Rojales, this is adjacent to the roundabout Rojales, Benimar, Formentera near the garage.
Confirmed businesses in the new Centro Commercial include a Carrefour Express supermarket, four screen cinema, restaurants, bars, a bowling alley and a fitness studio. The cinema will show version original films in English as well as films dubbed in to Spanish.
Features will also include a plaza lined with bars and restaurants and an area for live music and entertainment. Restaurants already planning to be in the development include a Burger King and a vegetarian restaurant.
The centro commercial has been designed by the architects behind the Habaneras Commercial Centre in Torrevieja, it is a 40,000 square metre complex which will house three different buildings and include a car park for over a 1000 cars.
It is planned the development will open by December 2008, and create between 300 and 400 new jobs.
Another new project which has been unveiled by Benijofar town hall is to turn 120, 000 square metres of land between the centre of Benijofar and Benimar into the Parque Municipal Canada Marsa. The park will have 5 sensory gardens, lakes, fountains, an open air theatre, sports circuit, cycle paths, and cafe. This project is constructed over the next 4 Years.

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