Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Glad to be in Spain

Having just spent a week in the Britain, it really has made us appreciate living in Spain. I never realised just how heavy the traffic is, having to allow loads of time to get anywhere, the weather is so dreary and cold, and people seem so hassled. Of course, it is nice to see the green fields and trees and our friends and relations, but living back in the UK is not an option anymore, and a short visit is enough.

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Anonymous said...

At least at the end of sitting in heavy traffic you can find somewhere to park, not quite the case in any coastal area of the Costa Blanca. May I add that the Spanish population seem a little hassled at the influx of nouveau rich English chav inhabitants of their towns. I have never in all my travels come across an area so blighted by an influx of a migrant population.