Thursday, October 05, 2006

Free phone calls

I´ve just found a website to make totally free phone calls,--- You register your email address and you can then phone from a landline to a landline that is also registered. You can phone between different countries for example - Spain and Australia, the site also provides cheap calls between mobiles and landlines and visa versa and for countries not covered. you are expected to "play fair" and use around an hour a week at the most. Connection is made from your computer by entering your number and the number you are calling, your phone rings and recipients phone rings, you pick up, and the progress of the call is seen on your P.C. screen. This of course means that it is only possible to use this service if you have a broadband connection. Jajah will be expecting to make revenue from members paying for the non free services and advertising. I would imagine that in the future other providers will start similar schemes.


Anonymous said...

The idea looked appealing, but when I tried it,it wouldn't recognised my phone as a landline! - maybe because I'm on NTL,not BT?

John and Mary Middleton said...

I have a friend on NTL who was ok with it. check you are logged in, verified. and using the full dialling codes. John