Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ever been to Dia%, Discounts Galore

We are Shopping early today, Have you ever been to Dia % supermarket, Great value with a lot of own brand products, If you fill in a form to get the Club Dia discount card ,each time you get to the checkout, you show the card and you get the item at the price shown on the yellow ticket of the shelf price --if not you pay the white ticket price, also, each month you get a handfull of vouchers with great discounts of various items -discounts vary with two items for the price of one and up to 50% off , show your voucher at checkout and you get those discounts as well.
The only problem is that like Lidl, they only seem to have one checkout running at a time so you sometimes get a queue, but it can be worth it when you get, a litre of lager for 42 cents, as happened a couple of month ago.
The staff are always pleasant and friendly --and i think overworked , they certainly have long hours, open at 9.30 A.M. and close at 21.30 --closed on Sunday.
Dia% are actually owned by Carrefour.

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